Estonian Association of Interpreters and Translators

Background Information

Founded on 1 June 1992, the Estonian Association of Interpreters and Translators (Estonian abbreviation ETTL) is a NGO uniting professional interpreters and translators. 

The association is focused on promoting interpretation and translation activities in Estonia, professional competence, co-operation both in Estonia and outside, defending the professional interests of its members and providing top-up training for conference interpreters and translators. 

Association's members can provide interpretation and translation services in 23 working languages: 

Estonian, English, Russian, Finnish, German, Swedish, French, Danish, Italian, Spanish, Norwegian, Dutch, Polish, Portuguese, Hungarian, Ukrainian, Arabic, Bulgarian, Georgian, Greek, Latin, Lithuanian, Czech.

The supreme governing body of the association is the general meeting of its members convened no less than once a year. The Association Board is elected for two years. Association's office is located in the building of the Estonian National Library. 

Contact Data

Phones:      (+ 372) 6311667

                    (+ 372) 6807358

                    (+ 372) 6307358

GSM:          (+ 372) 5515825

                    (+ 372) 5143358

                    (+ 372) 5040987

                    (+ 372) 5517541

                    (+ 372) 56715272





We can help you to find conference interpreters. 

We can help you to find translators to translate texts both into and from Estonian (Russian). 

We can help you to find interpreters and translators from other countries in case the required language combination is not available in Estonia. 

We can provide you with the necessary conference interpretation equipment in case the event is held in the Estonian National Library. 

We can help you with the word processing and scanning of texts in foreign languages. 

We can help you to search in multilingual data banks and terminology dictionaries on the Internet. 

We can consult you on the technical and professional matters concerning preparation for and running of events with interpretation services.